How to care for soutache jewelry and how to clean it?

It is important to keep your soutache jewelry fresh and in your possession for as long as possible.

Finished make soutache jewelry is always impregnated with a preparation that protects against dirty and moisture but this does not guarantee that it will last for a long time.

Simple rules that will allow you to preserve your soutache jewelry for long time, remember this:

  • put on jewelry when you are ready to go out after putting on makeup, spraying various preparations such as varnish, perfume, fixative, etc;
  • wash your hands before putting it on to protect yourself from stains, e.g. from fluids, cosmetics, etc;
  • before you put on soutache jewelry, remember to wait and make sure that the lotion and self-tanner are already dried;
  • keep soutache jewelry separately from other jewelry you have. It is best to use a plastic bag or box for this soutache jewelry;
  • when wearing jewelry, don't sunbathe, especially be careful when it rains, it is best to take them off and put them in a box;
  • carry an appropriate box or plastic bag with you for your soutache jewelry.
  • watch out for strong staining products such as wine, borscht and don't wear jewelry while cooking;
  • don't leave it in the bathroom, because soutache jewelry is made of felt and thread, which makes it easier to absorb moisture;
  • keep in a dry, airy place;
  • don't leave it in direct sunlight, e.g. on a windowsill, try not to leave the jewelry exposed to sunlight for a long time, it may discolor the colour,
  • don’t sleep with wear soutache jewelry.

 What to do in an emergency situation:

  • when you get your soutache jewelry wet, remember to dry them by placing them on clean towel - don't use a hair dryer or special heaters or place them on a radiator or radiators - this may cause them to become deformed;
  • when you get dirty - wash lightly in lukewarm water using soap, a mild detergent, and preferably where there is a stain - gently with a cloth or cotton pad;
  • try not to wash the whole thing and only where there is dirty;
  • wipe the metal part with a cloth immediately if it gets wet.
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