About me…

About me…

Hi. My name is Kasia.

For years I have been designing and selling unique artistic jewelry made of soutache, beading, polymer clay and resin. It has been my passion since childhood, currently I create and sell.

I am a person who has two hearing aids and I use sign language in Polish PJM and English BSL. My first language is PJM sign language. I currently know 4 languages.

I create photographs for my business KavrilaArt and I capture the beauty of the wonderful landscapes surrounding us. I am inspired by classic, minimalist, casual and boho style. By creating these masterpieces, I give deeper meaning to my life and make it happier. I love handicrafts, good cuisine, traveling, animals, psychology, meditation and good music. I appreciate cleanliness, beautiful smells, beautiful landscapes and friendly people.

"Enjoy life and live with passion." 


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